Remediation Products

We offer an oil degrader that is beneficial to a multitude of business from the restaurant industry to the oil field remediation and maintenance industries.  If you need or want a product that is effective and is completely eco-friendly then call us and ask about DE-OIL-IT.

Oil Field Supplies

Our buyers are experienced in locating just the precise product you need.  We stock pipe and tubing fittings, gauges, ball and needle valves, flanges and more…..

Measurement Supplies

We carry a variety of circular charts, orifice plates and seal rings, graduated cylinders and hydrometers.  Please call us for your supply needs.


Pelican is the world leader in production of highest quality protective cases and remote area lighting offering a multitude of sizes and uses.  Pelican is a brand you can trust.


After 25 years of providing measurement services to the oil and gas community we have decided to shift our focus to oil field supplies and remediation. We have identified a revolutionary product like nothing seen before in our industry.


Focus on Remediation

The remediation product is DE-OIL-IT. This product breaks down & detoxifies hydrocarbons allowing natural occuring bacteria, which are found in the air and water, to decompose the hydrocarbons back to their natural, eco-safe state. We think this is an amazing product and that it offers a cost effective clean up and maintenance product to our customers.


Authorized Distributors

We continue to carry the Pelican, Perma-Cal, and Sidewinder product lines as well as tubing and pipe fittings, measurement equipment and supplies, hoses, rigging, safety supplies, lubricants, rags and absorbents.

Quality, Service & Value.

We are committed to provide our customers with quality products at cost effective pricing and customer service that is above reproach.

If we don’t have what you need in our 6,000+ square feet of warehouse space we will get it for you.