Pelican™ Coolers

If you need to keep ice in the field you need a Pelican™ Elite Cooler. Pelican has leveraged decades of protective case experience to build the world’s best cooler.

Insulation that keeps ice up to 10 days with features not available on any other premium cooler-locking latches, rigid fold up handles and wide wheels for soft terrain. From 20 quart to 250 quart sizes you will find a cooler that’s just right for you.

Pelican™ Lighting

If you want reliable, rugged remote lighting Pelican™ is the brand you need.  Flashlights, Head Lamps, Dive Lights and small to large area portable Remote Lighting Kits are available to you.  Just call us and we will find the lighting that fits your needs.

Pelican™ Personal Products

Cypress Remediation and Supply can offer a variety of Pelican™ personal products such as the Pelican™ Bottle, 18 oz., 32 oz., and 64 oz. sizes, the Pelican™ Tumbler, 22 oz. and 32 oz. sizes, micro cases, phone and iPad cases, backpacks and luggage.

For all your travel needs, Pelican™ and Cypress Remediation and Supply, have you covered.